About On-Site Research

Maren Elwood, President of On-Site, holds the hand cam ready for another ethnographic interview.

What We Do: On-Site Research Associates is a full-service qualitative research company that brings an ethnographic focus to each project. On-Site has been refining the art and science of Digital Ethnography for 20 years. Our researchers use unobtrusive hand-held cameras that allow them to embed into consumer habitats without the distracting presence of a video crew. Many other ethnographic companies go into habitats with a videographer. This results in what we call the "Lights, Camera, Action Phenomenon" where consumers act for the camera. On-Site's hand-cam technique facilitates rapport development and the recording of authentic consumer reality. The interviewees tend to forget about the camera and let us engage in their reality.



Consumer Research Designs: We are known for designing consumer research studies that utilize many different types of methods to bring you up close and personal with your target market. We bring an ethnographic focus to two basic research approaches:


1. Custom Proprietary Research: Tailored consumer research designed to answer specific client questions. We are known for combining traditional qualitative methods with ethnographic techniques to ensure research uncovers tacit behavior and attitudes in a media rich format. Our deliverable for each study is a multimedia PowerPoint deck that brings the consumer to life.


Multimedia Deliverable: We believe that research must reach its audience with compelling presentations of the insights. Thus, On-Site generates consumer documentary movies for each study. Our presentations are experiences that help your company experience consumer reality in a way that cannot be denied. We also provide content for website use and for social media campaigns.


2. Syndicated Trend Studies: We sponsor annual studies that are available for purchase as either a sponsor or by specific topic. We are the only company conducting longitudinal ethnographic studies of American culture in the United States.


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